A file synchronization that works.

For a while I was searching a tool to get some versioning of my documents I used outside of my svn projects.  I tried differents tools on the market like Timeline of Genie-Soft orOops!Backup of Altaro. Finally I purchased the software Allway Sync.

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A new Vaio in our family

One of the laptop we have at home been a SONY VGN-S1VP and is time was due.

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Personal Note : How to update java on centos 5.2

This post is a reminder to myself on how to update the java version on my VPS a linux Centos hosted at Viviotech.


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Moving from BT to Be There

After 16 month with BT, I finally decide to change internet provider. I switch to Be There and so far I’m really happy with my decision.First of all it’s cheaper and I have a better service. I took overall 12 days to the switch occur. And on the day of the switch I lost around 45 minutes of Internet.

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How to start Railo from a CD with a H2 Database

Following my last post, here the version with a H2 database.

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