Moving from BT to Be There

After 16 month with BT, I finally decide to change internet provider. I switch to Be There and so far I’m really happy with my decision.First of all it’s cheaper and I have a better service. I took overall 12 days to the switch occur. And on the day of the switch I lost around 45 minutes of Internet.

Here 2 speed test one with BT and one with Be There

both use the same modem a Draytek Vigor 2020n for the test. The configuration for both providers are simple to input to the modem and the advantage you get compare versus the modem provide by the provider is amazing. For the configuration for Be There look here my only change it's the modulation because I'm on the package Be Unlimited (you don't have access to Annex M) and not Pro you should have the modulation to ADSL2+(G.992.5) instead


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  1. Big Mad Kev

    #1 by Big Mad Kev - January 28, 2010 at 11:22 PM

    I lo e BEThere they are basically O2, so if you had an Iphone you would have got a good deal going down that route ; Bit late now though.

    I'm sticking with BE There for now, due to the multiple IP's I get!
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