Project Manager, Senior Web Developer (Front & Backend)

Over 15 years of experiences

Always there to find a solution, to solve the problem


CFML, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Railo, Lucee
SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
French, English, German

Short Bio!

Born in Quebec, Canada. Studied computer science and worked overthere moved to works with D10 Solutions AG Germany in 2005. Moved to London, UK with Christine in 2008. Settled with Christine and Leah in Erfurt, Germany in 2013.


I love to travel for: exploring new areas, discovering new cultures, learning new languages, eating new foods and meeting new peoples


I'm an expat, I love watching sport but I follow really one sport Ice Hockey (NHL) and I'm huge Habs fan!
If I have a chance I will go for a dive anytime!